Why isn't my course showing on the Training Matrix?

Why isn't my course showing on the Training Matrix?

If you completed a course and received your certificate, it is possible that the Training Matrix might show your course as blank.  Let's find out why this happens and what you can do about it.

How does it work?
The Training Matrix is designed to show your progress for each course you have "assigned" to you.  In Click, a course is "assigned" to you when it has a target date which you need to complete the course by.  You may have some courses you can take which do not have a target date set; we call these "optional" courses and they are not counted as "assigned".
An example...
Let's use this example to show how the Training Matrix deals with optional courses and what your Manager can do to quickly update Click so your course will show on the matrix.

Gill got up extra early on December 25th to complete her optional "Food Safety and Hygiene" course before cooking Christmas dinner.  The course was set as a refresher but did not have a target date.  In this case, Click automatically adds the course back as a refresher but does not set a target date, making it "optional", just like the first version of the course.  Gill now has two versions of this course in her development plan:
Course version 1: "Food Safety and Hygiene" - completed 25-12-2019
Course version 2: "Food Safety and Hygiene" - not completed and no target date set  (Optional)
In this case, the Training Matrix will measure progress against the second course.  Because version 2 of the course is "optional", it will not monitor compliance because there is no date to measure against.  This means the Training Matrix will show a white cell with no date for this course.

Updating the Training Matrix to include optional courses:
Update option 1:
Allocate a target date to the "version 2" course which Click can then monitor compliance against.
Update option 2:
Delete the "version 2" course and Click will revert and display progress against the "version 1" course and will show a green completion cell with the date Gill completed the course on.

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