Thinking of cancelling your account?

Thinking of cancelling your account?

If you are thinking about cancelling your account, then talk to us first.  In many cases, it turns out that we are able to help you with the issue or challenge you are facing.  However, if you have definitely made up your mind, then these are the key things you need to consider.

Terms and Conditions
When you subscribed to Click, you agreed to the  terms and conditions.  These are always available as a link at the bottom of our website and are sent out on every invoice (again as a link) - you should read them now to make sure you understand them.  These are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get when people are thinking about cancelling:

How much notice do I have to give?
This depends on your type of payment plan:
Monthly: 30 days' written notice. 
12 Month: 90 days' written notice.
24 Month: 90 days' written notice.
Any contract paid in full in advance: 90 days' written notice.

How much will I have to pay?
This depends on your notice period, but as a guide any invoices which you would normally be charged during your notice period will be payable in full as normal.  There are no additional charges for cancelling and no refunds are offered for unused months or licences.

When will my account be closed.
Your account will be closed at the end of your final invoice period.  This will usually be longer than the notice period as your final invoice may extend beyond the notice period. 

Example: GIll from ABC Care Services
25th March: Gill calls our service desk and asks how she can cancel the account for ABC Care Services.  We have a quick chat and explain the process.  We ask Gill to confirm formally by email if she decides to go ahead.
7th April: Gill's invoice for 10 licences on our monthly plan is automatically generated for £40 +VAT and her Direct Debit is taken as normal.
19th April: Gill emails formally requesting to cancel her account.
19th April: Grey Matter Learning confirm receipt of cancellation, final payment and account closure dates.
Final payment date: 7th May 
Final payment amount: £40 + VAT
Final account closure date: 6th June

How do I cancel?
Send an email to using the same address as you used to create the account.  This ensures that no-one else can cancel your account without your knowledge.

Please don't cancel your Direct Debit without contacting us first.  If you do cancel your Direct Debit you will still be liable for any invoices which are due during the cancellation period and you will have to process the payment manually.

What happens to all my data?
It is your responsibility to ensure you have saved all and any data which you require.  Click has a number of different export functions to help you manage this:
- Export your  Training Matrix to Excel.
- Export all certificates of your learners' course completions.
- Export any detailed course portfolios you require.  We advise exporting the Care Certificate as a minimum.
- Export your learner report to CSV.
- Export your activity report to CSV.

What happens if I forget to save something or my learners don't complete all their courses.
You can extend your account for an additional month based on the number of profiles you need to have active during this period.  We will advise on each case individually according to your needs.

Can I come back to you if I change my mind?
Of course!  We have had many customers return to us over the years as they have missed our excellent personal service and in-depth knowledge and understanding of their requirements. Just give us a call or drop us an email to and we can arrange a quick chat to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

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