Importing your learning plan or training matrix

Importing your learning plan or training matrix

Scenario: You have just started using Click and have set up your learners but need to add courses to them to set up their learning plan.  You have a copy of your training matrix and want to set up each learner to complete their courses based on this matrix.
We have you covered!  Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Sign in to Click and navigate to the Activity report
  2. Click on the Import Learning Plan button and then download the import template
  3. Open the template and fill in your staff details in the first 3 columns (the email address must match the one used to set up the staff exactly!)
  4. Fill out the course details you would like to add to your staff in the top two rows. 
    1. For each course type the course name and course ID and then add another column with "In Month" and "Refresher" next to it.

  5. For each course set the
    1. date the person needs to to complete the course by, or enter the letter "O" if you would like the course to be optional
    2. refresher period in months - this must be either 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, or 36 months
  6. The save the file as a csv
  7. Click on the on the "Upload learning plan" button 
  8. Use the browse button to locate and upload your file.
  9. If you receive an orange alert message please read the alerts and make sure you review and manually adjust the learning for any records which were not successfully processed.
NOTE the import process will not update a course if a learner already has the course allocated to them. 

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