How do I sign off observations?

How do I sign off observations?

  • Use the activity report or view the learner profile and then select the course you would like to sign off
  • View the standard or course page and review any evidence which has been added by the learner.
  • If the assessment has been upgraded from the old portal please view the learning archive using the blue button at the end of the page
  • When you are ready to sign off, select any outcomes requiring attention by clicking in the little boxes on the left of the outcome description
  • Click on the add evidence button and type in your statement and any supporting evidence.
  • Select an evidence type - you must select observation if you want to sign off outcomes with an observation icon
  • Then click the add and sign off.
  • Once all the outcomes have been signed off you can click the sign off course section / standard 
  • When all course sections / standards are signed off the system will automatically generate the certificate.

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