Make a bookmark to sign in quickly

Make a bookmark to sign in quickly

Why not take a moment to save a link so you can get to the Sign In page with one easy 'Click'?

Once you are on the Sign In page, you can quickly bookmark the page to find it easily in the future. This will save you from having to go the Grey Matter Learning website to click on the Sign In button each time.

Step One: Enable the Bookmarks Bar
If you cannot see the Bookmarks bar, then there are some handy shortcuts to open it:
Google Chrome: Ctrl + Shift + B
Microsoft Edge: Ctrl + Shift + B
Mozilla Firefox: Enabled by default
Safari: Command+Shift+B.
Internet Explorer: We strongly advise you to use one of the browsers listed above.

Step Two: Drag and drop the padlock on to the Bookmarks Bar

It will then appear as a quick link under the URL.

Step Three: Click the link whenever you need to sign in

Top Tip: Right click the link and edit / rename it to "Click"

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